Since 2019, Lizzie has committed to collaborating with political organizations to advance campaigns and education projects – both as a freelancer and team member.

Lizzie was a staff member of the Dream Defenders (2019-2021), and is currently Communications Manager of the Miami Workers Center.


Design and illustration work for Advancement Project and Michigan Liberation's #FreeBlackWomxn campaign, a photo and storytelling project that elevates the voices of Black Michigan mothers who have experienced incarceration.

WeCount! Que Calor campaign poster

Poster design for WeCount!'s Heat Assembly to bring together outdoor workers and climate, public health, and labor leaders to launch Que Calor!, the worker-led campaign to win heat stress protections for outdoor workers in Miami-Dade: water, shade, and rest!

Mariame Kaba x Lizzie Suarez

In collaboration with Project NIA, and Mariame Kaba (author of NYT Best Seller We Do This Til We Free Us).

16 Guiding Axioms for Abolitionist Organizing is an illustrated zine of abolitionist truths that move us closer to our humanity as peoples fighting for a world free of cages and full of care.